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Hot Flash

unexpected sweats in the middle of tea with friendsdrips and puddles in hidden places43, 44, 45 fire shoots through your skin in the freezer section at the grocery store 46, 47, 48men                                            op a u s e
*from the biology of womanhood series, 2012 - present

Inner City Pythia

dark alleys beneath broken lightswhich way out one chance, no mistakessilence night creatures seek foodshe heads in their directionher path out the ghetto

Summer Flowers

Taming My Monsters, Part II

*handmade paper with texturized wooden frame
Still working on those boxes.Not sure how they are going to turn out. . .  
I used the left over woodto create unique frames for handmade papers.  
*This paper was made 
from a discarded dictionary. 

Taming My Monsters: Part I

I had this idea for my new Monster Series:Create large folding boxes that would contain imagery and textand tell stories.These boxes would also contain my handmade papers.
When unfolded, the boxes would form complete circles. 

One side a beautiful design. The other side a story. Inside my handmade papers.
Easier to imaginethan actually do.I am learning so much about hard woods,soft woods, drills, toolsBlack & Decker,DeWalt, and instruction manuals.I have so much respect for artists & crafterswho make their final pieces lookflawless!

Cerebellum 66

sometimes I have inkleft over after I make a series of printsthese days I try to have extra papersaround my printing press so that I can make marks and images withall my left overs

Postage Stamps - The Artist's Mark II

Here are a few of my postage stamps.
I tried to mail as many postcards with the 32 cents rate as possible becausethe postage stamp rates  seemedto go up by the time I was finished printing all the cards.
These are the postcards that had the Periwinkle stamps.
I sprayed all the cards withKrylon's Workable Fixatif. It is acid free/archival and protects the handprinted cards as they go through the USPS machinery. GIVE AWAY: I have three postcards left.   If you are interested in receiving a card, please  post when was the last time you  mailed a postcard (or not). Do you send e-cards? I will make the final selection on July 15th and mail the cards on July 19th. 

Postage Stamps - The Artist's Mark

Until the mid 1900's most of the images on postage stamps were created by engravings.One of the most famous engravers was Czeslaw Slania.Czeslaw Slania created over 1000 postage stamps and was the official court engraver for Sweden, Denmark, and Monaco.
The Smithsonian National Postal Museumhas a candid photograph of Mr. Slania working inhis studio.  I was so inspired by Mr. Slania that I created postage stamps for each batch of  postcards.This sign was in the museum.

Sonnet XV

When I consider every thing that growsHolds in perfection but a little moment;That this huge stage presenteth nought but showsWhereon the stars in secret influence comment;When I perceive that men as plants increase,Cheered and check'd even by the self-same sky,Vaunt in their youthful sap, at height decrease,And wear their brave state out of memory:Then the conceit of this inconstant staySets you most rich in youth before my sight,Where wasteful Time debateth with DecayTo change your day of youth to sullied night,And all in war with Time for love of you,As he takes from you, I ingraft you new.William Shakespeare

One Million Bones

Early in the morningon Saturday, June 8, I waswalking down the National Mallin Washington, DC and noticedpiles and piles and piles 
and piles of bones.
There were lots of teenagers andadults dressed in white and I askedthem what was going on.  They said they were part of the  "One Million Bones"  art project. They were very friendly andexplained that the bones weregoing to be spread acrossthe massive National Malllawn to raise awarenessof the genocides and atrocitiesin the world today.They said that the project wasin their schools and students helpedmake the bones.The bones were made from paper, plaster, clay and cardboard material.As I was leaving, van loads of people
dressed in white were arriving for the
bone-laying ceremony and events.

Later, I learned that this project is the brainchild of artist/activist Naomi Natale.
One Million Bones website
Photo credit: Suzanne Coley

Experiments with Green

The creation of lime greenpaper took a lot longer thanI imagined.The more I experiment with recycledpapers, the less Ifeel I really know.
A few papers look, feel, and tear the same; however, when I breakdown their fibers, I discover theirchemistry is different.  (I am keepinga record of these types of papers andwill post at some point. )The experiments with creatinggreen, blue, black, and brown papers are coming along well.  
I also printed on a core log.  My nexttask is to integrate the handmade sheets withthe core logs.

Looking for Stillness

alonesearching for balanceone with breathstillnesscreationdesign

Living Text: Life

Excerpts fromThe Geometry of Chaosworld news suffocates citizensfear seeps into the Dowa new type of Jonesblack and blue with purple bruises
streets of forgotten dreamsluxury cars crash into Earth's gut
change permeates the stale air
Garden of Hope

On a Poet's Lips

On a Poet's lips I sleptDreaming like a love-adeptIn the sound his breathing kept;Nor seeks nor finds he mortal blissesBut feeds on the aerial kissesOf shapes that haunt thought's wildernesses.He will watch from dawn to gloomThe lake-reflected sun illumeThe yellow bees i' the ivy-bloomNor heed nor see, what things they be;But from these create he canForms more real than living man,Nurslings of immortality!One of these awakened meAnd I sped to succour thee.Prometheus Unbound I, Percy Shelley 


embracing the windand all it blows your waythe smell of your first orchidthe bite of your first peachthe sounds of your first cellothe sight of your first tangled alphabetthe moment you realize you exist reality is no longer a dream

Star, Moon, Wind

The World's WanderersTell me, thou star whose wings of lightSpeed thee in thy fiery flight,In what cavern of the nightWill thy pinions close now?
Tell me, moon, thou pale and greyPilgrim of heaven's homeless way,In what depth of night or daySeekest thou repose now?
Weary wind, who wanderestLike the world's rejected guest,Hast thou still some secret nestOn the tree or billow?                        Percy Shelley, 1824

Geometry of Chaos

Grief and Joy come circling

Inside the World of Art

The ProcessThe QuestionsDiscussing how.Explaining why.
The Vision


the sun came out and I was reminded howbeautiful life is

Once upon a time

there was awoman of the world