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Monster Series

Nature is my greatest inspiration.  My new series, Monsters,  is the largest one I have ever undertaken.  160 linocuts, 60 poems, 20 distinct livres d'artistes.  This is a glimpse:

My monster series is inspired by Jellyfish

Jellyfish have been roaming the seas for more than 500 million years and are the oldest multi-organ animal.  When I visited the National Aquarium in Baltimore to take these photos and do research, I was amazed at the way they pump their way through the water, like a beating heart searching for its mate.

The vibrant colors of nature are spectacular!
The jellyfish I am using as inspiration are named Medusa for their long tentacles like the Greek mythical Medusa.

One of my first sketches for the series, May MMXII.

I look forward to posting more about the progress of this series.


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