Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Светлая память, F.D. Reeve

F.D. Reeve (September 18, 1928 - June 28, 2013)

   A writer, poet, academic, editor and Russian translator, Mr. Reeve showed us the power of language.

F. D. Reeve

© Martin J. Desht 2013

Mr. Reeve reflected on place and 
language in his essay,
"Literary Place."
It ends:
In a final sense, all writing, all painting, all music and all
art are only efforts to get closer to defining the one,
ultimate place where we suppose we'll know exactly 
who we are.

Mr. Reeve's interview with the New York Quarterly
left an indelible impression on me.
He will be missed.

Full obituary in the New York Times.

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