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52 Weeks of Printmaking on Textile: Week 21

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Coded Threads

My NYC art residency allowed me to experiment with traditional and modern techniques.

It was great to combine various hand stitched designs with coded and machine stitched ones.   Working with young coders using Turtlestitch was wonderful!  Seeing computer simulations on the screen before we stitched the designs was great.  It allowed us to evaluate, discuss, and modify our designs before printing.   In the end, we experimented with many different designs and fabrics for our final project: A Handmade Textile Book

Art, Science, and Technology: 2018 NYC Art Residency

Coded Pages
My artist's residency in New York City is going well.  I love integrating art and science in my designs and look forward to creating more.   After learning how to code my designs on the computer, I decided to make textile books that use new technologies and traditional methods.

Creating handmade books offers a final product that takes students through the multiple layers and steps of design. I love the mathematical precision that coded designs offer.  I plan to combine the coded designs and embroidery with original hand painted textiles.

Find It, Keep It

On Tuesday, February 13, I placed one of my books in the School of Visual Arts, NYC exhibit Walk With Me.   Thanks to SVA, I was given permission to make my book part of their wonderful interactive installation.
Walk With Me is curated by faculty member Liz DelliCarpini and will run until Saturday, March 3.
Walk With Me is a collaboration between MPS Art Therapy students and the people they work with at their various internship sites.
I met with Ms. DelliCarpini a day before the exhibit opened and she explained, "The therapeutic
goals of this art installation are to find inspiration in our differences and to reveal similarities between us that often slip by unnoticed."
I hope you get a chance to experience this unique exhibition.
 And, remember, if you find my book, you keep it.

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Book Arts:

What is it?
Do you know any book artists? To celebrate my love and passion for creating unique handmade books with you, during the month of February I will leave a handmade book at a local public library.  You find it, you keep it.

Today I am leaving a book at Towson Library in the Teen Section.
I remember the first time my grandmother allowed me to touch one of her beautifully textured and layered artist's books.  She often used textiles and mixed media fiber art to make her books.
Hers were scented with herbs stuck between the pages.  As I turned each page, the experience was multisensory.  
During her time, these beauties were not considered art, but were "evidence of existence" and "bound memories."
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52 Weeks of Printmaking on Textiles: Week 52

The Journey: Today is the final day of blogging about this year-long project of turning textiles into one-of-a-kind mixed media books.
I want to show you some of the textiles before I cut, stitched, beaded, combined, collaged, painted, manipulated, and turned them into stories.
One thing I learned about this project is: Determination and discipline will take you far.  There was very little information about turning textiles into books, and I experimented with a lot of techniques and processes.
The two main goals I had for these books were: 1. Designing the textile pages so that they stood up straight without being too stiff, distorted, and thick.   2.  Designing the wooden covers so that the books could easily be opened, with a 360 degree range.  
 Both of these goals allowed the books to be exhibited vertically or horizontally.
Thank you for following me.  May you have a very happy and productive 2018!

52 Weeks of Printmaking on Textiles: Week 51

Mixed Media Fiber Art
Now that the project is complete and the year is coming to an end.  I would like to show you images of the actual pages. These are a few pages from the 3rd volume, See Us.
One of my goals when creating these books was having finished seams (on the edges).  Finished seams make the edges look polished, and, the edges don't fray from touching and turning the pages.

52 Weeks of Printmaking on Textiles: Week 50

O'Positive: This is the second volume of my series Sun Mirrors.  Created with textiles I received from the National Museum of African Art mixed with contemporary American textiles, it's one of my favorites.

The following is an excerpt of the poem I wrote for the book:
The Congo is in my blood
O'positive, its branches run through me like veins
connecting nine mystical bodies.  Gentile and rough
I straddle its temperament.  Fire breathing and strong
it is the source of breath and death.  If you become brazen,
it will knock you into place with its tempestuous side.
The Congo is in  my blood
from generation to generation I pass it down.
   - suzanne coley