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Fortune Friday #32

A person with a determined heart frightens problems away.
Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 4, 15, 20, 30

Mental Monday #8

Understanding the mind of a culture requires traveling through its memories.
 ~s. coley


Collectible, Rare, and Valuable
This summer I visited Seoul, South Korea to do research and learn more about their long history of paper making.
While there, I was invited to a tea ceremony at the Bongeunsa Temple near the bustling Coex Convention and Exhibition Center.
I had already visited Haeinsa Temple and the all female Donghaksa Temple near Daejeon, but I never had time to stop and really meditate.
 At Bongeunsa Temple, I received a private tea ceremony and tour.
Calm and peaceful, the moment I stepped into the tea room, I felt my high blood pressure go down.
All thoughts of the outside world were gone.  We spoke softly, listened carefully, and sipped tea.
I discussed my art projects and prayers were said. It has taken me five months to finally process the experience of the tea ceremony.

C-Books.  Collectible, rare, and valuable.

Gentle, organic structures, full of life.

Fortune Friday #31

We turn not older with years, but newer every day.  ~Emily Dickinson

Lucky numbers: 1, 2, 23, 31, 54, 56

What is . . .

. . . a masterpiece?

Is it the idea, the technique?
Is it the material, the style?
Is it the form?
Is it the right balance . . .
 . . . of color and rhythm?
Is it soul?
Is it the passion that goes into the creation?
Is it still? . . .  makes the viewer feel?

Is it the exhibition space?
Is it the viewer?
Is it a masterpiece if it stays in the closet,
underneath the bed?  Or hangs in a gallery?

Will books, libraries, institutions, ancient cave walls
reveal the secrets of what makes a masterpiece or
must we find out on our own?
Is it the life long sacrifice of creating dreams?
Does the artist know?
Or does she exit without ever knowing?
Perhaps a masterpiece is the pursuit of immortal truth.

What is a masterpiece to you?

Mental Monday #7

Week #10, Class # 20
My journal entry reads, "There are several layers of fear. I didn't realize it until now. Just when I thought I was okay swimming in  9 feet of water, something triggered my fear. Weighing more than I could possibly carry, she suddenly leapt into my stomach, like unexpected bad news when you thought everything was fine.  The fuzziness of fear . . . "

"Think before you think,"

grandma used to say.  Growing up, I really didn't understand what she meant by this.  It was so complex back then.   Another birthday, another year, and the meaning of this saying begins to make sense. Thoughts, those private moments in which we reflect, make sense of things, generate ideas, imagine how things should be, are important.

Grandma's "think before you think," was her way of saying you have the power to control not only your behavior, but the thoughts that generate it.

Fortune Friday #30

Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be.  Be one. ~Marcus Aurelius

Orphic Kisses

Inspired by the Greek tale of Orpheus and Eurydice, Orphic Kisses is an ongoing series that explores passion and love.

Created with original linocuts, illustrations, collaged papers, graphite and acrylic.
Through his mother Calliope, muse of epic poetry, Orpheus inherited the gift of music and verse. With his lyre, he could charm anyone and anything, even birds and the branches that they rested on -- everything. He fell in love with a beautiful nymph named Eurydice and they quickly married.  On the day of their wedding, it came to light that someone else was captivated by Eurydice's beauty. His name was Aristaeus, and he wanted her.  The chase was on.
Eurydice ran away from Aristaeus, only to get bitten by a serpent and die. Nothing could console Orpheus. Newly wed, he couldn't live without his bride, so he did the unthinkable: He headed to Hades, the kingdom of the dead, to get her back.
Closed to the living, the doors to the underworld were opened by Orpheus's mesmerizing…

Mental Monday #6

The mind loves the unknown.  It loves images whose meaning is unknown, since the meaning of the mind itself is unknown.     ~ Rene Magritte (1898 - 1967)

Fortune Friday #29

Let us never negotiate out of fear.  
But let us never fear to negotiate.John F. Kennedy


A tree produces the same type of leaf year after year.  Yet, each year I see something new.
Impressions. . .

Finding Bruce

When I entered the National Museum of African Art to see the Conversations exhibition, the sunlit massive atrium promised a religious experience, cautioning me to pause. Photographs were not allowed so I pulled out my sketch book and began to observe and record.  I was curious how the museum's artworks would "read" next to the artworks owned by Camille and Bill Cosby.  What type of experience would this be?
Divided into six sections, approximately 100 carefully selected pieces of African artworks were exhibited with 62 pieces of African-American artworks owned by the Cosbys.   It was in the Power and Politics section that I came across some of the most provocative pieces in the show.  Psychologically probing, with historical & political undertones, they seemed to generate more questions than a glance could answer.  These works included, but not limited to, Senzeni Marasela'sCovering SarahWilliam Kentridge'sHead,  and Johannes Phokela'sCuts.
Bruce Onobra…