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Lamentations for a Lost Child

Blown Away

by the beautiful colors of Autumn.

Fortune Friday #63

Learning is a treasure which accompanies its owner everywhere.  ~Chinese Proverb

El Museo del Barrio, NYC

Rodriguez Calero: Urban Martyrs and Latter Day Santos
Urban Martyrs and Latter Day Santos is a wonderful retrospective of Calero's art.
Calero's work is powerful,  and acts like a moonbeam piercing darkness.
She masterfully combines urban street culture with Catholic iconography and Medieval religious paintings to give us a luminous vision that evokes the spiritual. 
Acrollage is Calero's original mixed media technique that combines intricate layers of acrylic mediums/paints with various washi papers and images.
Rodriguez Calero's exhibit will be on view until 19 December.

Make A Beautiful Book Workshop

Many thanks to everyone who attended the "Make a Beautiful Book" workshop and  the library staff at Baltimore County Public Library, Parkville Branch.
Everyone took home at least one hand-bound mini book.

Life is a Hurricane

Now that my exhibit, Life is a Hurricane, is on view at the Baltimore County Public Library, Parkville Branch, I must finish my series Parodos.  (I have four more layers to go.)

The Pestle by Carl Antonowicz

During the month of October I want to take you on a tour through my library.  The first book I would like to feature is The Pestle by Carl Antonowicz.  

Beautifully hand bound, The Pestle is a thoughtful and provocative comic book loosely based on Il Schola Medica Salernitana, the first medical school of Christendom.
I had the pleasure of meeting Carl and asking him a few questions:

1.  Where did you study?  I did my undergraduate degree at Austin College in Sherman, Texas, and my master's at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont.

2.  I noticed that your books are hand bound.  Where did you learn how to bind books?
That would've been at the Center for Cartoon Studies. The amazingly talented and very friendly Jon Chad focuses a lot on bookmarking in his classes, which results in the production of many incredible handbound publications.
3.  What is your greatest inspiration? My greatest source of inspiration is my nonfiction reading. There are so many idiosyn…

Baltimore County Public Library - Make a Book

I love the flyers BCPL created for my workshop on October 19.  Thank you!

Fortune Friday #62

People fool themselves.  They pray for a long life but fear old age.
  ~Chinese Proverb
Lucky color: Silver


Handmade in Baltimore with love . . .

Baltimore County Public Library

Parkville-Carney Branch Exhibition, Life is a Hurricane
Please stop by to see my art exhibition during the month of October. On Monday, October 19 at 7pm I will teach the "Make a Beautiful Book" workshop.
"Make a Beautiful Book" is FREE.