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ic! Berlin, Part II

Eyewear as Muse When I visited ic! Berlin's New York office, their Public Relations Specialist, Alexandra, and manager, Tanja let me try the coral tinted Electric Turquoise sunglasses.  They looked so beautiful that I was inspired to write this poem.
Orthogonal Glamour By Suzanne Coley
Beauty is within us, but sometimes it has to be revealed.Bezier curves guided by points of control, clean lines no rough edges.Smooth manifolds etched with orthogonal lines project onto glamorous plane.
Beauty is within us, no two profiles are alike fourteen facial bones, eight cranial, form ovals We all have our features.Time is on our side as SightMasters create new technological devices to help us see.Innovative frames shaped to the contour of our experiences, our cultures, our lives.
We come from different paved roads some made of clay, some made of stone. Beauty is within us, stuffed in divine ratios Poet must speak with rainbows. Revealing magnificent prisms of life in His right palm he lets li…

ic! Berlin, Part I

Eyewear Art, Fashion, Inspiration I was a little nervous when I got off the M train in Queens and headed to ic! Berlin's office on Steinway Street to review their eyewear for their upcoming collaborative project with students at FIT.  I grew up less than 2 miles away from there: I knew the area and its fashion history well.

I was raised in Queensbridge projects during the late 70s and early 80s when hip-hop, rap, and urban culture went from inner street life to main street life.  Before the big music deals and integration of urban style into fashion in the 80s, on weekends rappers were spittin' rhymes and everyone in the neighborhood was experimenting with style in fresh, innovative ways in Queensbridge's "River Park" and "Baby Park."

Visiting the office of ic! Berlin in New York evoked the creative spirit of those days. Elegant and lightweight, ic! Berlin's eyewear feels good the moment you put them on.  Their meticulously crafted frames evoke confi…

Japanese Printmaking

Far off the beaten path you can find some amazing things . . .
I recently visited the exhibition Imprints for Impact, a showcase of Japanese Printmaking at the Center for Arts Asian Arts Gallery, Towson, MD.  It wasn't crowded and you could take your time viewing original prints by renown Japanese artists such as Utagawa Hiroshige, Kawase Hasui, Koitsu Tsuchiya, Totoya Hokkei, and Takahasi Hiromitsu, just to name a few.
Curated by Suewhei Shieh, the exhibition featured classically printed ukiyo-e woodblocks as well as modern Japanese handmade papers using various fibers.
I appreciated the detailed history of each print as well as the printmaking technique used.
In the above print we see the embossing technique Karazuri or gauffrage.  Karazuri is a method of blind embossing (with a steady hand, pressing the paper with a barren into the non-inked surface and getting a 3-dimensional-like effect).
One of my favorite prints was Sudden Rain by Hiroshige which was a good example of a mul…

Love & Its Synonyms


Letter from a Broken Heart:
Dear Dean,
What is love?Is it that passion you feel when you first meet someone and a hot current runs from your fingertips down to your thighs.Is it that anticipatory excitement you feel at the bottom of your stomach even if you haven’t eaten for days?
Thoughts.Feelings.Smells.Touch.Vibrations.Yes, it is the vibrations.Some type of electric current that shoots through your veins so fast that all you can do is shudder. An intense passionate heat!Not the kind of heat that I experienced in DC the other day when the temperature reached 106 degrees.Not the kind of heat I felt when I got burned by fire when frying that catfish.  Not the kind of heat I felt when my blood pressure went to stroke levels, I broke into a sweat, and passed out on the concrete pavement.
Love is fire.Fire that starts out as a thought . . . becomes a beautiful flame.  
Fire, if not handled with care, will burn, scorch, suffocate, and cause total destruction.

©2014 Suzann…

Letter from a Broken Heart

January 1, 2011
Yes, I still check my email to see if you wrote me.To see if you are thinking about me.If I wrote you each time I thought of you, you’d have 100 emails in an hour.I miss our conversations.I miss your warm hands underneath my skirt.I miss your eyes looking at me as only you can do.I miss your soft kisses on my neck.I miss your soft toes on my thighs.
How are you?What does your apartment look like?It is empty?  Clean?Waiting for the right furniture? Or is it colorful and fun?Do you live with anyone? You must be seeing someone because you are too handsome to be alone.Have you given your heart to anyone else?I imagine her to be beautiful and tall.Fun and kind -- all the things that you are.
I hope that you are able to move on and find the love that you deserve.I hope that you have lots of babies and your mate is kind and thoughtful.I want all those things for you -- things I will never have.May your life turn out great!
I was born July 21, 1980 and died on January 2,2011.How c…

Life is a Journey


Leaving textured marks and imprints. . . I created this series of small abstract paintings with 22 karat gold leaf in 2006 after visiting Maryland State Parks and Forests.
I recently took 20 of these small abstract paintings from my storage box, and will be placing a few for sale.
Looking at this series 8 years later,  I realize the experimental textures and marks on these works can be seen on the covers of my artist's books and boxes.

And, my handmade papers.

Forever is iridescent

Shining with several different hues when seen from different angles I created this series of small abstract paintings with 22 karat gold leaf in 2006 after visiting Maryland State Parks and Forests.
Golden, iridescent glow and textures are achieved with acrylic paints, reflective particles, and genuine gold leaf.
Inspired by majestic forests early in the morning after it has rained, this is one of my favorite abstract series.

Feeling Fuchsia

Communing with Hummingbirds garden view inspirations
nature's cycle of life on my windowsill
la primavera
one never tires to watch
magnificent colors of procreation
tear drop shapes hanging boldly
magentas, purples, deep reds
communing with hummingbirds

There are 110 known species of Fuchsia.  Named after the German physician and botanist Leonhart Fuchs (1501-1566), the bright colors of the fuchsia plant attract hummingbirds (to pollinate them).

According to Trinity College Dublin, "Fuchs’ interest in realistic representations accorded with the Renaissance ideal of naturalism, but it also served a practical purpose – he wanted his book to be a reference for his medical students and fellow doctors. While the images were cutting-edge for their time, Fuchs was not as revolutionary in the text, and his description of each plant’s medicinal properties still draws largely on the writings of Greek and Roman authors such as Dioscorides, Galen and Pliny."

Leonhart Fuchs' book De Hist…

Monster Series

From Breakup To Breakdown Nothing Lasts Forever

hope. . .


Friends  Always willing to listen. They bring you joy! They make you smile when you want to cry. They make the struggle worth it.

Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC

Best Free Exhibit in New York City
Fowl Play at FIT I like stopping by the lobby of FIT's Pomerantz Center to see student work.  Their concepts and designs are always innovative and inspirational.
 During the month of April, Fowl Play is on exhibition and it is spectacular.
First year Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design students were given an assignment to transform mannequins into birds.
This exhibition highlights 17 birds selected from the many students studied.  They designed larger than life mannequins using feathers provided by Feather Place.
Feather Place's feathers are alluringly beautiful with intense hues and textures that make you want to sneak a touch.
In this exhibition, the students capture the enigmatic, savage beauty of feathers that evokes Chaucer's opening lines in Parliment of Fowls: The life so brief, the art so long to learn . . . 
Like all the students, Honglip Gang and Laura Pariot created an impressive design that highlighted their bird's m…

Book Arts: Believe

The Beauty of End Papers Back in November when I wrote the post "Between the Covers" I didn't have a title for the actual series.
I knew I wanted to explore the intimate sensory discoveries (touch, smell, sight) that handmade books offer.   So I put the project down and waited, and waited.

A week ago, I revisited this book and saw how the light captured the nuances of the linocut print on the silkscreened Chiyogami  paper and whispered, "You have to see it to believe it." In this series I will take the word BELIEVE and explore how we Believe in ourselves.   How we Believe in our capabilities.  How we Believe in  . . .

Believe is such an intense word, and I want the gold on the cover to reflect that intensity.   I pulled out my prized package of  24k Genuine Double Gold Leaf, and added gold leaf to the bottom of the textured cover.