Day 31: Tough Terrain

Day 30: My brother's keeper

Day 29: Connected

Day 28: Intangible Moods

Day 27: Printed Matter

Day 26: Not in the Brochure

Handmade Paper: Realizing a dream

Day 25: Deep Ocean Volcanoes

Day 24: Blue

Day 23: Composing color

Day 22: Ares, son of Zeus

Day 21: Flowing into the Deep

Day 20: Symbolic Acrolect

Day 19: He wrote language

Pardon my sadness

Day 18: Room with a glass

Day 17: Peach landscapes from

Day 16: Peacock Passion

Day 15: perSPECTive

Day 14: Understanding that elusive subject

Day 13: Humble offerings

Day 12: Not a Winner

Handmade paper under a microscope

Day 11: Rock, Paper

Day 10: When hands tell

Day 9: Bitten

Day 8: The delicate matter

Day 7: Caravaggio captured the light

Day 6: Reins

Day 5: Underneath the red paint

Monster Series: Screws

Day 4: The Answer to the Letter

Day 3: A letter written by a Gentleman

Day 2

31 days of New Creations