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Day 31: Tough Terrain

finding my way 

Day 30: My brother's keeper

when he is hurt i bleed

Day 29: Connected

finding harmony

Day 28: Intangible Moods

burgundy melody bruised tones

Day 27: Printed Matter

Textured Language

Day 26: Not in the Brochure

Handmade Paper: Realizing a dream

Brewing ideas
Perfecting textures

Day 25: Deep Ocean Volcanoes


Day 24: Blue

feelings remain long after 

Day 23: Composing color

on days when screams
become elevator music

Day 22: Ares, son of Zeus

and Hera, sets the stage

Day 21: Flowing into the Deep

from up high

Day 20: Symbolic Acrolect

communicating through art

Day 19: He wrote language

that flowed like a waterfall

Pardon my sadness

over the situation

Day 18: Room with a glass


Day 17: Peach landscapes from

the realm of controlled visions Day 17: controlled visions

Day 16: Peacock Passion

Day 15: perSPECTive

938 front pages from 89 countriesVisited the Newseum today

Day 14: Understanding that elusive subject

we call the mind Today I read 
Nicolai V. Gogol's short story The Portrait, written in 1842, which made me pull out my old textbooks on "the mind." 

And then I created 
the following image.

somewhere betwixt  neurology and psychology blue green intersects with yellow

Day 13: Humble offerings

copied from life

Day 12: Not a Winner

All that glisters is not gold. Often have you heard that told; But my outside to behold. Gilded [tombs] do worms infold. Had you been as wise as bold, Young in limbs, in judgment old, Your answer had not been inscroll'd. Fare you well, your suit is cold.
The Merchant of Venice, II.vii. 65-73 Wm. Shakespeare

Handmade paper under a microscope

Part 1 When I began working with  discarded paper products I was getting a lot of  unpredictable results.
In January, I began to record my experiments and put my  papermaking process  under a microscope.  
My goal was to better understand  the quality of the paper: Strength, texture,  color, durability, acidity. It was a "given" that I wanted to save paper products from the landfills.
I macerated paper fibers and created pulp that I could  sculpt into art. from the pulp stories emerge:
rough like life 
smooth like Hope

Day 11: Rock, Paper


Day 10: When hands tell

the stories

Day 9: Bitten

by a serpent and the story of art  during his time

Day 8: The delicate matter

of painting gold

Day 7: Caravaggio captured the light

in 1573

Day 6: Reins

Day 5: Underneath the red paint

she found equations that model the riddles of life

Monster Series: Screws

Screwsshort pieces of metal long pieces of steel groove windings  forming spirals
s   c    r    e    w  s A flat top across its head S  C  R   E   W  S Forcing its longness into wood Forcing its shortness into plastic by turning Screw it in Turning until it fits snug Turning until it holds together
 S   C   R   E   W   S Forcing his infidelities into their lives Forcing his longness into everyone except his wife Quick, tight fit Snug around those firm hips Spiraling until he falls from grace Screwing everyone  Twisting and turning he just wants to hang his screws on walls that don't require a lot of hammering 
(excerpt from Screws) Monster Series

Day 4: The Answer to the Letter

These mini canvases allow
experimentation with various
acrylic gel mediums and pigments. I see what works and what doesn't.  I then use these techniques on my book covers.  The acrylics and mediums make wonderful and sturdy covers that can sustain lots of handling.

Day 3: A letter written by a Gentleman

of good worth

Day 2

history of today

31 days of New Creations

During the month of May I will create one new piece of artwork each day and post. On Saturdays I will post the progress of Monster Series.