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Last Day of Russian Class

I made a special gift for my Russian language instructor,  and presented it to her after our exams.
Большое спасибо!

A love letter

One hundred years . . .
one hundred years with you would not be enough
to show you all my love
to shower you with kisses
to touch you where it tickles
to soften the blows of life
to capture the wind in a jar and save for a still day

one hundred years with you would not be enough
for me to feel your presence as
we swim in the lake guided by the moon
even hurricanes didn't touch our oak cabin you built
sturdy roof and small kitchen for two

we have had wars where lives were lost
property was destroyed, children made orphans
Our love endured.

Two days left before I take my final breath
The machine will be turned off and all I
Can think of is your kisses on my breasts
On that cold winder day when all seemed hopeless

We thought we would never get through
The long lines in frosty weather with holes in our shoes
Tears in our coats, empty pockets
We thought we could never know what it
Would be like to pay rent again after
Your company lost it all

When the power is turned off and the machin…

ART of the Deep End

These "water cards" were made especially for participants in my swimming class. Created with oil and acrylic paints, these cards are inspired by my time underwater,  in the deep end,
 practicing various swimming and diving techniques.

Fortune Friday #66 - Vast Arts, Queensland

A few months ago I participated in Vast Arts Postcard Exchange. Everyone who participated mailed three postcards inspired by the theme "Water" to Vast Arts in Australia. 
Vast Arts redistributed them, sending two different postcards to each artist.  The third is currently on exhibit and will be part of a fundraising auction.
Today I received two lovely postcards, and I must confess that photographs don't really capture their beautiful textures.