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Monster Series: Screws


short pieces of metal
long pieces of steel
groove windings 
forming spirals

s   c    r    e    w  s
Proof of linocut for Screws, Monster Series taped on Yellow wall
A flat top across its head
S  C  R   E   W  S
Forcing its longness into wood
Forcing its shortness into plastic by turning
Screw it in
Turning until it fits snug
Turning until it holds together

Yellow wall with color swatches, drawings and proofs for Monster Series
 S   C   R   E   W   S
Forcing his infidelities into their lives
Forcing his longness into everyone
except his wife
Quick, tight fit
Linocut and 1st proof for Screws
Snug around those firm hips
Spiraling until he falls from grace
Screwing everyone 
Twisting and turning he just
wants to hang his screws on walls
that don't require a lot of hammering 

(excerpt from Screws)
Monster Series


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