Wednesday, April 30, 2014

ic! Berlin, Part II

Eyewear as Muse
ic! Berlin's Claude (Electric Turquoise) sunglasses
When I visited ic! Berlin's New York office, their Public Relations Specialist, Alexandra, and manager, Tanja let me try the coral tinted Electric Turquoise sunglasses.  They looked so beautiful that I was inspired to write this poem.

Orthogonal Glamour
By Suzanne Coley

Beauty is within us, but sometimes
it has to be revealed.  Bezier curves guided
by points of control, clean lines
no rough edges.  Smooth manifolds
etched with orthogonal lines project
onto glamorous plane.

Beauty is within us, no two profiles are alike
fourteen facial bones, eight cranial, form ovals
We all have our features.  Time is on our side
as Sight  Masters create new technological
devices to help us see.  Innovative frames
shaped to the contour of our experiences,
our cultures, our lives.

We come from different paved roads
some made of clay, some made of stone.
Beauty is within us, stuffed in divine ratios
Poet must speak with rainbows.
Revealing magnificent prisms of life in
His right palm he lets light shine.

Perspective lines reach their end at Glabella’s
point.  Polyhymnia gives us a new beat, makes us
want to dance and sing while Vision Master
spins the electromagnetic spectrum, offering
us new colors, new ways of seeing,
beauty re-computed on a glamorous plane. 

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