Collectible, Rare, and Valuable
Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul 
This summer I visited Seoul, South Korea to do research and learn more about their long history of paper making.
handmade paper,  Seoul, South Korea
While there, I was invited to a tea ceremony at the Bongeunsa Temple near the bustling Coex Convention and Exhibition Center.
You can see the skyscrapers just outside Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul
I had already visited Haeinsa Temple and the all female Donghaksa Temple near Daejeon, but I never had time to stop and really meditate.

 At Bongeunsa Temple, I received a private tea ceremony and tour.
Tea Room, Bongeunsa Temple
Calm and peaceful, the moment I stepped into the tea room, I felt my high blood pressure go down.
All thoughts of the outside world were gone.  We spoke softly, listened carefully, and sipped tea.
I discussed my art projects and prayers were said.
It has taken me five months to finally process the experience of the tea ceremony.

C-Books.  Collectible, rare, and valuable.

Gentle, organic structures, full of life.