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52 Weeks of Printmaking on Textiles: Week 15

After a few weeks of experimenting with new ideas, patterns have begun to form.   One I am especially happy with is hand embroidering textiles.
It still takes me way too much time to hand embroider the fabrics, but I think it is worth the effort.

52 Weeks of Printmaking on Textiles: Week 14

Grandma's Necklace: Beading Textiles I felt this newest textile book needed embellishments, so I've been beading everyday.
I have been using gemstones from one of my grandma's necklaces that fell apart.  I've been carrying the pieces around for about 20 years, not knowing what to do with them.  When  I began beading this textile page, I knew exactly how to use them.
Now I am going through all of my vintage jewelry to see how I can use them for this project.

52 Weeks of Printmaking on Textile: Week 13

Creating Stories with Fabric The touch of turning page after page of delicate silks, soft velvets, cool glass beads, strong cottons, and ancient threads. Heavily inked silkscreens capture emotions on expertly woven textiles.
We take a brief pause at vibrant bold edges.
No two pages are alike.  No two stories are the same.  Unique books created with skill and passion.