Friday, February 15, 2013

Уральские горы MMXIII

A ten ton meteor blasted over Russia's Ural Mountains with the power of an atomic bomb.  When I saw  the home videos and raw footage on the news and Internet I had to make this new series of paintings.

Chasing science: Chelyablinsk 15
Chasing Science: Mach 43 by Suzanne Coley
I really wanted to write a poem, but I couldn't find the words.  Perhaps the words will come when we learn more . .  .  My main thought while making these paintings was Science is chasing Nature.
Mach 22 by Suzanne Coley
four color abstract painting
Mach 12 by Suzanne coley
4 color painting
Mach 7 by Suzanne Coley
Mach 3 by Suzanne Coley
Mach 1 by Suzanne coley

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