Monday, March 18, 2013

Education through Art

Working as a visiting artist to a few 
New York City high schools
I like to create projects that combine
current events and art.

Eleanor Roosevelt High School students
One project students loved was the Map Project.
 I asked each student where she or he came 
from and to find a map of their hometown.

Eleanor Roosevelt H.S. teacher Ms. Ettenheim had boxes of maps
This led to very interesting conversations
because, surprisingly, half the students
were not from New York.  
And, some were from other continents.  

If there wasn't a map of the city the student was from, we would make one.
Two students were from Michigan, and knew
people who lost homes from the horrific tornados.
One student was from Japan and discussed the 
Tsunami.  Students from Asia and Africa
discussed recent events in their countries.

But enough of my thoughts, 
here is what they had to say about 
the experience:

"As you look at the installation, you will notice references to the destruction and turmoil in our country over the course of the last year, but you will also have the sensation of connecting the dots to a future time and place. Her work incorporates found materials and materials not traditionally used in art making. We don’t see the actual images of destruction and rebuilding, but the strokes that are abstract and complex make us think about where we have been, where we are and where we are going."

More than 50 students helped with the installation
Thank you everyone!

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