Wednesday, March 20, 2013


                            Remembering a Journalist
Rapid rise in pressure

Internal sonic booms

In a makeshift media room
A dim light bulb hangs
from above, illuminating
a tiny space for Truth

Deafening sonic booms
False pressure waves

Boom, boom, boom
No time to glance out
the peephole

Rapid rise in pressure
an internal sonic doom
One last thought before
waves of compressed air
hit her, knocking her into silence

Truth is dead

 handmade accordion book with 
silver leaf cover and matching 
clamshell box with custom protective pouch

silver leaf cover of book and matching box


Unknown said...

Great work Suzanne. Miss you much.

Coleyism52 said...

Hola Pablo,

Thank you so much for your message! I miss you and all the NYC artists on the LES.
Avenue A = Awesome ART. Are you still making artist's books?

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