Friday, March 22, 2013

United States Art in Embassies

Livre d' artiste 
Department of State Art in Embassies Program
book arts by Suzanne Coley
Invisible by Suzanne Coley
I love book arts because
the tactile nature of 
handmade books invokes 
exploration and interaction 
by inviting the 
viewer to turn each
page and explore the images,
textures, and words of a 
visually narrative world
orchestrated by the life
of an artist. 

textured artist's book
Invisible was one of three artist's books selected
When I was selected for the program
one of the first questions the curators
had was, Can they be touched?
Absolutely, was my response.
I  wanted my books to be read,
the pages touched, 
and viewed in the palm
of the reader's hand.

I created sturdy, durable
matching clamshell boxes
to house the books and 
allow personal handling 
without gloves. 
I also began to create more
durable covers to allow for
 natural wear and tear.  

textured cover of book
Detail of box texture
I experimented with several different
gel mediums as textures before
working with thick modeling paste.

Modeling paste was the most 
flexible and allowed for
   the types of sculptural
effects I wanted to achieve.
book arts
Page 5 of Invisible
With Invisible, I used iconic silhouettes, 
and transformed them 
into unrecognizable geometric frames
with acrylic paints, 
handmade paper and glitter.

The poetry explores how beauty
is depicted through the media (externally)
and by individuals (internally).

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