Sunday, March 24, 2013


Experimenting with different 
ways to embed 
string into handmade papers
for my new series Monsters.

Made paper purposely two-toned.  White areas still have remnants of former life,
 (deconstructed letters and text can still be seen).
Baltimore has great water for 
making paper and I don't have
to do much on that end.  
 Neutral pH level!

I have been separating the initial
salvaged papers in recycle
bins and playing around
with combining the really high end
papers with samples of 
glossy, highly processed ones.

Violet papers rest on  handmade deckles and moulds.
Overall, I love the quality of the papers.
However, as a printmaker
I have always used
England's Somerset
France's Arches
China's Red Star Xuan papers
Japan's Kitakata (love it for book binding)
which makes me want to
really test the papers I have been
making.  I have inquired about
working with a local chemist/scientist. 

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