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Inside Out

hope : noun
1. a desire accompanied with expectation of
obtaining what is desired or belief
that it is obtainable
hope: verb
1. to cherish a desire with expectation
2. archaic: to place confidence or trust 
- usually used with in
Inside Out
Today I planned to write
a poem about
hope and hopelessness, and
post a print of a cityscape
swollen with poverty.

One day at the homeless shelter
when I was doing arts and crafts
with mothers and their children,
the subject of "hope"
 and what it meant came up.
All the children and their
moms wanted to talk
about what "hope"
meant to them, and they 
said some interesting things.

But, one 6 year-old boy 
touched us all.
He said, "Hope is 
something you wish for
but know you are never
gonna get." And, he
began to tell us 
why hope is hopeless.


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