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Paper like Lace

Antique lace is so beautiful
that I wanted to make
paper that resembled it.

The process:
"Blow out" is the name of
the handmade
paper process I used to
make these sheets of paper.

When the pulp is on the mould,
I placed a plastic lace doily 
on top of the pulp.  Then,
using a water hose, I sprayed
the excess pulp off the mould
leaving only the silhouette 
of the lace.

Sshh.... here's the secret:
I kept blowing all the pulp 
off the mould, leaving only
bits and pieces of the silhouette.

After two hours of ruining
everything I touched, I finally
was able to perfect the 
blow out process.  
The secret was controlling the 
water when you spray!

Photo credit: The City of Baltimore
I am currently experimenting
with creating translucent papers
from recycled paper products.


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