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One Million Bones

Early in the morning
on Saturday, June 8, I was
walking down the National Mall
in Washington, DC and noticed
piles and piles and piles 
and piles of bones.

 There were lots of teenagers and
adults dressed in white and I asked
them what was going on.
 They said they were part of the 
art project.
 They were very friendly and
explained that the bones were
going to be spread across
the massive National Mall
of the genocides and atrocities
in the world today.
 They said that the project was
in their schools and 
students helped
make the bones.
 The bones were made from 
paper, plaster, clay and 
cardboard material.
As I was leaving, van loads of people
dressed in white were arriving for the
bone-laying ceremony and events.

Later, I learned that this project is the 
brainchild of artist/activist Naomi Natale.

Photo credit: Suzanne Coley


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