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Postage Stamps - The Artist's Mark II

Here are a few of my 
postage stamps.

It was hard to photograph the deep purple hue of the stamp.
I tried to mail as many postcards with the 
32 cents rate as possible because
to go up by the time I was 
finished printing all the cards.

My Periwinkle stamps for the international postcards.
These are the postcards that had the 
Periwinkle stamps.
postage stamps and postcards
Linocuts on postcards, Suzanne Coley
I sprayed all the cards with
It is acid free/archival and
protects the handprinted
cards as they go through the
USPS machinery.
Cards drying after being sprayed.  I used 3 bottles for 250 cards (front & back).
I have three postcards left.  
If you are interested in receiving a card, please 
post when was the last time you 
mailed a postcard (or not).
Do you send e-cards?
I will make the final selection on July 15th
and mail the cards on July 19th. 


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