Monday, August 12, 2013

Book Arts for Children

  The spirit of creativity in children
I love teaching children visual storytelling with
the accordion book structure.
Accordion books ready for art and stories
Children enjoy folding and putting creases in the papers.
Some draw from left to right.  
Some right to left.  
Some start in the middle.  
It is their story and they tell it the way they want.
I give them pencils, crayons, water colors, and lots
of encouragement to create images and tales.

Children are natural storytellers. 
One easy lesson children enjoy 
is creating inkblot drawings.
inkblots created with watercolors
They put ink drops on one side of the paper,
fold down the other side,
rub the paper with the back of their hands,
open it and they have an image.
Some accordion books drying
Looks like the Rorschach test?

Ask a child what it is and the stories are amazing,
and sometimes, surprising!

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