Friday, September 20, 2013

Rubber stamps and Collagraphs

A few years ago when I was in NYC 
I fell in love with a rubber stamp of 
a woman wearing a vintage 
leopard print coat and little booties,
 and I bought it.
 I made 50 small cards (2.5" x 3.5") with the stamp
and gave them out.  My name and email
were printed on the backside.
 To get the background, I made an 
11"x14" collagraph plate from cardboard, 
fabric, gesso, string, lace and glue.
 Using a brayer, I randomly inked the 
collagraph plate with oil based inks.
When the plate was completely covered, 
I placed the cards on top, and pulled
the prints on a printing press. 
When the cards were dry, I used a black
archival inking pad and stamped 
the lady onto the cards.  

This summer I lost the stamp and I only have
these five cards left.  I really like using
 them as business cards and will
probably make some small prints with
my ink jet printer. 

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