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Between the Covers

of books


handmade paper and linocuts on Chiyogami paper
I love opening a book and seeing beautiful,
hand painted, textured endpapers between the covers.  

Antique hand marbled papers and illustrated 
gold leaf designs are my favorites.
The most exquisite ones are in museums.

Linocut printed on Chiyogami paper, 2013
I decided to create a series of books with just
Endpapers, titled Between the Covers,
combining my handmade papers 
with a collection of silkscreened 
Chiyogami papers from Japan.

handmade paper textured with custom mould, 2013
*Chiyogami - chiyo (1000 generations) gami (paper)
Originally designed and developed during the
 Edo period (1605 - 1868) these papers are
also known as Yuzen washi paper.
Made from the inner bark fibers of the kozo, 
mitsumata, and gampi trees, Chiyogami
retains its long fibers and is
soft, strong, durable and acid free.

I want people who hold my books
to experience the textures and 
sensory discoveries that only
handmade books offer.


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