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Fragile moments, Part I

Five doctors enter the small hospital room in total
silence.  Lief knows something is wrong.  
Fragile moments by Suzanne Coley
Tangle #125, from 2002 drawings
One flips on the large x-ray light in front of her and 
expertly places five 8"x11" black films up for all to see.
  They look at Lief and begin talking.  At least she thinks they are
talking because their lips are moving, but her mind is 
fixated on the films. 
Fragile moments by Suzanne Coley
Tangle #126, from 2002 drawings
Yes, those must be Lief's x-rays because they are 
talking to her and she is the only patient in the room.
"Neuropathology, neurons, yes, cytoplasm.
Aggressive. The photons.  Mutating cells.
No need.  Worry is good.  Good we caught cells.
Biopsy in 30.  Days.  Pathology report...
Fragile Moments by Suzanne Coley
Tangle #325 from 2009 drawings
Are you okay?  Escort? Someone? Call? 
Here is a tissue."
Fragile Moments by Suzanne Coley
Tangle #452 from 2011 drawings
Lief takes the tissue.  She is not sure when the tears began to roll
down her cheeks, or when she stood up, grabbed an x-ray
and began to look at it more closely.  "Insurance," was
all she could mutter.

*Fragile moments is based on my battle with cancer as well as a close family member's.  All drawings are original ink and graphite "tangles" I created in an attempt to understand and come to terms with my "mutating cells."  A few weeks ago, I began to incorporate these drawings into a printmaking and book art project that I hope will someday get published.  
by Suzanne Coley


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