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Nyx with concentric circles

Classical mythology
  In classical Greek mythology Nyx was a 
primeval goddess 
and the symbol of night.  
Nyx by Suzanne Coley
4" x 5.75" hand-pulled print of Nyx by Suzanne Coley
Daughter of Chaos, Nyx is found in the shadows of the world.
I first read about her in Hesiod's Theogony, the epic poem about
the birth of the gods (theogony) and the world (cosmogony).

In line 123, Hesiod writes, "Chaos gave birth to Erebos
and black Night (Nyx)".  Later, in line 125, Nyx gives
birth to Ether and Day.  Light is created out of darkness can
also be read as day follows night much as
awakening follows sleep.

It is said that muses sing during the night hours to Nyx.
Nyx by Suzanne Coley
detail of Nyx by Suzanne Coley

For me, nighttime is a time for inspiration. 
I create my most compelling work when 
all is sleeping and still.


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