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40 years of linocuts

 Work I created in 1974! 
My mother visited me last week and, to my surprise, she gave me a bag of my childhood artwork.  
1974 seems like yesterday, but it was 40 years ago!  

My mother even brought my original linoleum cutters, and I want to post them.  When I was a child, I used Speedball linoleum cutters. They were made of wood and cost $1.50.  I carved a lot of architectural structures and landscapes back then, but I am showing you this block because it was my first portrait (of my teacher).  I liked postage stamps back then and I remember thinking how a face would look on a "modern stamp".  We didn't have the Internet to reference anything, and had to draw from live models -- teachers, family, friends, pets, buildings.
linocut on dictionary page by Suzanne Coley
(block carved 1974,  printed 2014,  limited edition of 40)
My first linoleum block portrait carved in 1974. 


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