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Chelsea, Manhattan

 A Stroll Down Chelsea Through a Child's Eyes
by Suzanne Coley
 227 West 27th Street
It began with the Fowl Play exhibition at FIT.  We discussed birds, feathers, and how fashion designers use them.
Snow Owl by Savannah Shettler & Mara Schmitz
Her favorite was the Snow Owl.
Snow Owl at FIT, feathers provided by The Feather Place
The feathers and designs were absolutely stunning!
We spotted the colorful vintage 1969 Airstream one block down.
114 West 26th Street
The Airstream belonged to Buffalo Exchange who is celebrating its 40 anniversary.  They converted the Airstream into a pop-up shop that will be touring the nation, stopping at many of its stores along the way.
Buffalo Exchange gave out free bottled water and freshly made popcorn.
100 West 26th Street
We passed by a pottery shop, La Mano Pottery, on 26th Street.  Whimsical and elegant ceramics currently on display in their front gallery caught our attention, and we stopped by.

 We really liked the paper sculptures in the windows of High School of Fashion Industries.
Window display, 225 West 24th Street
The students created wonderful designs with textiles and paper!
Entrance of HS of Fashion Industries, 225 West 24th Street
220 West 23rd Street
We stopped for a break at Donut Plant.
Larger than life textile creations of Donut Plant's donuts hang on the walls.
Donut Plant's donuts are huge and deliciously divine!


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