Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ink Blots: Embrace your "U"

Embrace your Uniqueness
Embrace your "U"
silkscreen postcard based on ink blots by Suzanne Coley
 After writing the post on ink blots, I couldn't stop thinking about their uniqueness.
Ink blot postcard
silkscreen postcard by Suzanne Coley
Sometimes they look like spills.  Sometimes they look like controlled drawings.  Sometimes they look like human figures.  Different things to different people -- like art.
Inkblot drawings for silkscreens
Like art, we all have different styles, different mediums, different tastes, and different ways of telling our stories about life, love, hate, hope, gardening, cooking, sports, etc.
silkscreen postcard by Suzanne Coley
All of these art forms and stories are necessary to get a complete picture of the vast and diverse human experience.
Ink blots
silkscreen postcard
So Embrace your "U" - Your Uniqueness . . . your art and story are valid and necessary.

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