Sunday, June 29, 2014

St. Mark's Bookshop

A Cultural Experience
by Suzanne Coley

Established in 1977 in the East Village, St. Mark's Bookshop is the place to go if you are looking for small press publications, foreign & domestic journals and periodicals, and books on cultural theory, dramatic art, film studies, and graphic design.
St. Mark's Bookshop staff - Shauna
The oldest independent bookstore in Manhattan, St. Mark's Bookshop is owned by Bob Contant and Terry McCoy.
St. Mark's Bookshop, "Interesting graphic design and art books on this table."
For many book artists who are beginning their small publishing presses, like myself, St. Mark's Bookshop has been a life saver.  It has been an encouraging intellectual hub where poets, artists, designers, and philosophers can meet, discuss current events, and share ideas.
St. Mark's Bookshop has a very knowledgeable and personable staff who can help you locate an obscure critical theory book (that is probably on one of their shelves).
Drama section with Sam Shepard 
Staff confirmed that they are moving this weekend to 136 East 3rd Street.
I will miss their former home.  However, when I was taking these photographs and remembering all the wonderful and engaging dialogues I've had over the past 17 years, I realized that St. Mark's Bookshop is not defined by its location.
More than a building with books, St. Mark's Bookshop is a "living" cultural experience lovingly cultivated by its owners.  I wish them the best of luck at their new location and will be stopping by soon.

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