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Storytelling on fabric

Letter from a homeless man
Silkscreen on paper
Silkscreen: He hit a brick wall, July 19, 2014
I love paper, however some stories are better told on other mediums.
silkscreens on monoprints, The Travels
What I remember most about homeless shelters: Arriving with just the clothes on your back and no bags.  How quickly clothes became tattered.  The shelter was the last stop on a long, long journey.
storytelling on fabric
Fabric scrolls, Conversations with a homeless man
So, one of the things I wanted to capture with Letter from a Homeless Man was the humanity of a life on the edge.  
fabric scrolls, Conversations with a homeless man
How it looks from the inside to "fall apart" and to lose everything.  While printing, I realized that fabric did something that paper couldn't quite do.  
silkscreen on fabric, Letter from a homeless man
It allowed me to "show" the story from the beginning . . . 


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