Red Whispers

& Ethereal Blue . . .
Ethereal Blue: silkscreens on textile, 2014
Red Whispers & Ethereal Blue is the title of my artwork currently on exhibit at Ukazoo Books in Towson, Maryland until October 18th.
Ukazoo Books reading room, Towson
I created these scrolls right before I left for Korea.
Ancient Korean scrolls at National Museum of Korea
Little did I know how much my exposure to Korean ancient paper making, printmaking, and textile design techniques would change the way I tell stories and document experiences.
Ten story Pagoda from Gyeongcheonsa Temple Site, National Museum of Korea
I visited lots of museums and one of my favorites was the National Museum of Korea in Seoul.  By the time I finished walking through the calligraphy section of the museum, the battery of my camera went dead and I had to sketch what I saw.
Pencil sketch with fabric swatches, Seoul, Korea 2014
I will turn these sketches into linocuts and print them on textiles.