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Memories of Seoul

Now that I am back in Baltimore, I have time to reflect on my trip to Seoul. 
Most days began with a trip to Dunkin Donuts or some other cafe for coffee and a pastry.
I really liked riding the trains.  Clean and efficient, signs were in Korean, Chinese, and English.
Some stations had cute sculptures.
Stepping stones were everywhere!
Markets were large and there was something for everyone.
I loved my daily meetings with the "Info" Ladies.  They were life savers. Absolutely lovely!
 You could spend all day in a one mile zone!
An amazing calligraphy shop.  Queen Elizabeth visited here!  (I couldn't take photos inside.)
 After a long day I liked to stop for dumplings on the street.
 The owner began to expect me at 8pm sharp.
And, I didn't disappoint her.  Besides, these dumplings were excellent and they cost only $4.00 US.
Bright lights guided me back to my room.


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