Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bound by Fate

Hecuba: Bound by Fate by Suzanne Coley
Euripides' tragedy Hecuba is one of the bleakest tales about loss, desolation, and revenge during war.   The character of Queen Hecuba of Troy offers a view of suffering through the eyes of a mother.  Wife of King Priam, Hecuba is the mother of Hector, Paris (the main cause of the Trojan War), Cassandra (prophetess), Polydorus, and Polyxena.  (Depending on the Greek poet who wrote about her, Hecuba has as many as 50 children and as few as 14.)
"Never ought words to have outweighed deeds in this world."
My vision was to capture the moment Hecuba prepares to take revenge on Polydorus' killer, King Polymestor.  Why this moment?  Hecuba has to be sweet and persuasive to get her son's killer to trust her enough to be alone with her.  Once they are alone, she plucks out Polymester's eyes and destroys his family.   

Fate demands that words, both powerful and worthless, yield to actions.

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