Sunday, February 8, 2015

Paper making with Newspaper

Overcoming the technical challenges of making art paper from newspaper:
handmade paper from New York Times, cotton, postage stamps 
I am currently working on a project that requires using recycled newspapers.
detail of a sheet of paper made from New York Times and cotton
(black ink from the paper gives the new paper various shades of grey)
 I really like the detail of paper made from printed material,
detail of news paper with added text 
however, newspaper isn't archival, quickly becomes muddy in texture,
handful of cotton before combining it with torn newspaper to make pulp
and turns various shades of grey.
detail of handmade paper from New York Times (yes to recycling newspapers!)
After adding 100% cotton to the newspaper pulp, I am pleased with the results.  Calcium carbonate was also added to the pulp to further balance the pH and archival quality.

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