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Сыночек мой: Mental Monday #17

Straight to my ribs, your first kick made me
feel so excited.  Your tiny feet grew strong
inside of me.  Joy.  My world was never 
the same.  I promised to always care for you.
They didn’t understand you like I did,
Сыночек мой, кровиночка моя родная

We didn’t have much to eat back then.  Maybe
that’s why things turned out the way they did.
Through it all your kick was strong, even when
you played soccer in elementary school.
Сыночек мой, кровиночка моя родная

My nipples cracked and bled – improper
nursing techniques the doctor said.
You drank my milk, you sucked my blood,
you kept kicking me in the ribs,
Сыночек мой, кровиночка моя родная

Maybe I didn’t know how to properly care
for you.  They told me to stop feeding you.
They didn’t understand you like I did,
Сыночек мой, кровиночка моя родная

Look how tall you are now at 32.  It hurts
so much more when you kick me in the ribs,
I love you so much.  They don’t understand
you like I do. Сыночек мой, кровиночка
моя родная

©2015 Suzanne Coley


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