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Black books

black books by Suzanne Coley (part of 365 series)
black books
for black times
egg shell nightmares

a somber sun hides behind
glass and steel monsters
ready to aim potent weapons

cable blues for artists
waiting for the fix
begging for paper not
worthy of monopoly

black books for black times
cursive zinc white words
psychotic stripes swell
broken spines

red welts
bandaged oozing passions
leaving masters in pieces
emergency rooms storage units

black books for black times
earth is square king on each
corner gulping electrical wines
brewed with Aeschylus's reed

emperors push bull through
snow Elpis forgot to melt
Benjamin dreams smuggled in crystal
snow cones, favors at private parties

welcome to the city of green apples
take a bite

up the pressure, the party goes on 
till the break of blue. . .


art and poetry ©2014 Suzanne Coley


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