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Baltimore: Handcrafted with Love

This work was inspired by my first grade teacher, Ms. Bonnie Siegel.  All the wonderful lessons I learned back then are still with me today, especially perseverance.  I admire all elementary school teachers, whose lessons and influence on our lives last decades.
"I guess you know how..."
Linocut on handmade paper. Baltimore, 2014 
Note about this handmade paper: the quality of water in Baltimore is excellent, with a pH of 7.   This pH level is great for making sturdy, archival, and beautiful paper.  Now that I live here, I try to make all my paper.  Perfect for preserving long-lasting memories!
70% cotton pulp, 20% abaca pulp, 10% book pages
handmade in Baltimore, 2014


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3. Acrylic mediums 4. Linen thread