Mental Monday #31: An Adjustable Lunatic

"An 'adjustable lunatic'?"
page from 365 series, 2015
"Yes, sir, an adjustable lunatic -- you may know I don't make a business of insanity 
page from 365 series by Suzanne Coley
or I wouldn't be running at large here on the streets of the city."
page from 365 series by Suzanne Coley
"Yes," he replied, "but you can't tell what kind and I can tell you the very trade you work at."
page from 365 series, 2015
The poems and short stories by James Whitcomb Riley are touching and inspiring.
page 49, An Adjustable Lunatic by James Whitcomb Riley, 1897
 An Adjustable Lunatic is one of my favorite stories because it reminds me that no matter what a person
The Works of James Whitcomb Riley, Volume II, 1897
 looks like or how he behaves in society, we really don't know his private thoughts.
The Poems and Prose Sketches of James Whitcomb Riley
Charles Scribner's Sons, NY 1897