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365 Handmade Books: Painted Songs, Day 26

Till Death Do Me Part, Book 26
1. handmade paper: 70% cotton pulp, 10% abaca pulp, 20% New York Times
2. Music Sheets
3. Cotton paper
4. Mixed papers
5. Vellum
6. Charbonnel inks
7. Acrylic paints

1. Hollander's book board .087
2. Acid free adhesive, PVA glue

3. Decorative paper from India (screen printed)
4. Linen thread

72 and she still couldn't retire.  
She worked every day since 17.  Alone, 
she didn't have any children or spouse.  
When asked, she simply said, "Those were the 
cards I was dealt."  She was tired of explaining 
the truth.  That in small towns, tragedies 
happen too.  Not the kinds you read in papers. 
The kinds that are too sad to report: the ones 
that can't be explained with reason.
 ~Excerpt from poem 72 Years by Suzanne Coley


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365 Handmade Books: Painted Songs, Day 363

Materials  1. Etching
2. Linocuts 3. Vintage maps 4. Pastels 5. Acrylic paints 6. Pencils 7. Vellums
Binding & Cover 1. Book boards .087 2. Archival adhesives
3. Acrylic mediums 4. Linen thread