Monday, December 26, 2016

365 Handmade Books: Painted Songs, Day 360

It is hard to believe it: A year of blogging about this project will come to an end in 5 days.  How quickly time has gone by.  When I look back on this project I think about the days when I was excited and the days when I was too tired to continue.  Most of all, I think about modern technology and how it has allowed me to share this project with you.
Handmade Books 360 - 365 at the Baltimore County Public Library
I am especially grateful to all the librarians and libraries who have allowed me to show my books, talk about my process, and teach book arts to others.

Materials (for Book 360)
1. Handmade papers (made in Baltimore)
2. Linocuts
3. Mathematics sheets
4. Pastels
5. Acrylic paints
6. Pencils
7. Vellum
8. Vintage maps

Binding & Cover
1. Book boards .087
2. Archival adhesives
3. Acrylic mediums
4. Linen thread

1. Drawings
2. Mixed Media
3. Linocuts

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