52 Weeks of Printmaking on Textiles: Week 8

Smithsonian National Museum of African Art

On Wednesday, February 22, I had the opportunity to speak with two art history scholars from the Congo and one from Nigeria.  It was great to receive their insights on their culture, art and the future of art.  After our two hour discussion, we looked at a few books in the museum's library.  
Handcrafted mixed media textile books number 3 and 4
It was wonderful to have them look through each page and give me feedback.  As an artist, it is amazing to see how historians view the artistic process and the final art piece.
Handcrafted textile books
They really liked the covers and said the wooden covers reminded them of glass.
Handcrafted textile books by Suzanne Coley
What is so interesting about this comment is I really wanted to have glass covers for these books, and I looked into it.  There were two problems: 1. I would've had to hire someone to create the glass covers and 2. They would have been too fragile for my project.  (I shattered a sample while transporting a piece to my home.)