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52 Weeks of Printmaking on Textiles: Week 38

Poetry: The Soul

Poetry is a huge part of my artist's books.  When you remove the binding, the illustrations, the sewing, the colors, the textiles, the layers of texture, there is the soul -- the poems.
 Here is the poem that appears in the book Goats:

Green wetland, hot tempered and feisty
Your rugged terrain we roam
Forty moonless nights
Sparks of hope guide us

Befor the serpents, you were paradise
Dragonflies rejoiced in your beauty
Monkeys basked in your luxury
Lions learned from your courage
A thousand shades of green was your kingdom

Wet wasteland, with your burning air
We inhale suffering, our bellies bloat
Billy goats don't eat roots
Our children's last tears make
your morning dew
          - Suzanne Coley


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