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Book Arts:

What is it?
Do you know any book artists?
To celebrate my love and passion for creating unique handmade books with you, during the month of February I will leave a handmade book at a local public library.  You find it, you keep it.

Today I am leaving a book at Towson Library in the Teen Section.
I remember the first time my grandmother allowed me to touch one of her beautifully textured and layered artist's books.  She often used textiles and mixed media fiber art to make her books.
Hers were scented with herbs stuck between the pages.  As I turned each page, the experience was multisensory.  

During her time, these beauties were not considered art, but were "evidence of existence" and "bound memories."

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Tools of the Trade: Bone Folders

by Suzanne Coley
Bone folders are my extra fingers when binding books and making boxes. #1 Teflon bone folder - used for smoothing, pressing, folding, shaping.
#2, #3, #4 - antique genuine bone folders given to me by a retired master bookbinder, made in Germany - used for delicate work and conservation.
#5 - wooden Potter's rib - used for difficult spots in large boxes.  Great for smoothing and shaping.
#6, #7 modern genuine bone folders - used for scoring and turning corners when binding books.
#8 Teflon bone folder - nothing sticks to them and they don't leave marks.
My fingers may grip, pinch, and pick up things, but my bone folders are stronger, smaller, larger, rounder, skinner, flatter, sturdier, and can be sanded into other types of shapes.  
My bone folders score, press, shape, burnish, fold, smooth, and work the corners and grooves of my books and boxes better than my pinky and index fingers.

Walking through Clouds

I have been taking morning walks in tranquil Maryland meadows.  
There is nothing more grounding than walking through clouds.

365 Handmade Books: Painted Songs, Day 363

Materials  1. Etching
2. Linocuts 3. Vintage maps 4. Pastels 5. Acrylic paints 6. Pencils 7. Vellums
Binding & Cover 1. Book boards .087 2. Archival adhesives
3. Acrylic mediums 4. Linen thread