Friday, February 8, 2019

Silkscreen Printing on Textiles

Silkscreening is very versatile and allows me to create all types of designs and patterns on fabric.

Sometimes I print designs on my fabric books before I bind them and sometimes I print after I bind them.  
Whichever way I print, silkscreening always gives me a print that is perfect for the story I want to tell.
Making and recycling my silkscreens are a huge part of my personal practice.  Yes, it is time consuming!  However the benefits are great -- both economical and environmental (zero-waste).  When I'm finished with a project, I clean the screens and prepare them for new designs/projects.
This week the weather was nice and I finally got a chance to clean some of my older silkscreens.  I like to work outside and allow the screens to dry naturally.

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