Smithsonian Libraries

It was so satisfying to visit the National Museum of African Art library on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 and see two of my textile artist's books in their permanent collection.
In 2016-17, I created twelve books during an experimental project at the museum's library.  I was given clothing and fabrics from their collection and transformed them into unique books.  My goal was to create functional and beautiful textile books without sacrificing the archival properties.

Finding the best archival-grade and durable adhesives, threads, and backings for the textiles took a lot time and experimentation.  Consulting with specialists at the Smithsonian and the Textile Museum about products and techniques was very helpful.
It was wonderful to be able to discuss the history of specific types of textiles: How they were made.  What dyes were used.  How they were worn.  When they were made.  Who made them.

Many thanks to my mentor, Janet Stanley and the many Smithsonian scholars and art historians for the opportunity and helpful feedback with the project.