Saturday, May 16, 2020

100 Days of COVID-19, Day 47

My Art in the Time of a Pandemic

Sketching my design on fabric.
Today I want to give you a glimpse of my embroidery process.  I usually have a clear vision of what the final design or pattern will look like. Therefore, with a permanent fabric marker,  I draw an outline where I want the design to go.  This is done free hand, directly on the fabric. 
It is a little risky.  Any mistake at this critical point can destroy the whole page.  However, over the years, with practice, I've learned to successfully transfer a design directly from my thoughts onto fabric in one step.  It takes me about 400 hours to create one of my books, and if I sketched and planned every single drawing on a separate piece of paper, I would never finish. 

*Coronavirus Disease 2019:
Update in Maryland- 5/16/2020
37,968 confirmed cases 
1,957 deaths    2,806 recovered

Update in New York State - 5/16/2020
348,232 confirmed cases 
28,049 deaths    60,796 recovered

Total in United States: 1,467,820 confirmed cases, 88,754 deaths
Total Worldwide:       4,634,068 confirmed cases, 311,781 deaths

* All numbers are taken from Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

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