Wednesday, May 20, 2020

100 Days of COVID-19, Day 51

My Art in the Time of a Pandemic

I've been so inspired this week.
Especially when I found these beautiful crystals when I was looking through my bead drawer.  I bought them when I visited Seoul, South Korea a few years ago.  

*Coronavirus Disease 2019:
Update in Maryland- 5/20/2020
42,323 confirmed cases 
2,123 deaths    2,993 recovered

Update in New York State - 5/20/2020
354,370 confirmed cases 
28,636 deaths    61,886 recovered

Total in United States: 1,551,668 confirmed cases, 93,431 deaths
Total Worldwide:       4,995,712 confirmed cases, 328,095 deaths

* All numbers are taken from Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

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