Baltimore Sonnets

During the pandemic my quilting guild, The African American Quilters of Baltimore, has not been able to meet in person.  In June, we began meeting virtually, mainly to check-in and make sure everyone was okay.  

With each month, our virtual meetings have become more interactive and educational.  However, some of our older members in their eighties and nineties have not been able to participate because many don't have computers or smart phones. 

One day in September, I received a call from one of our senior members and she asked if I could stop by her home to photograph some of the quilts she has been making during the lockdown.

Her name is Catherine Wooten and she will be 85 in January 2021.  All the quilts in these photos were created by her during the pandemic, and this is only a part of what she did!  
Her passion and energy have truly been inspiring.  I now visit her weekly to try and keep up with her amazing output.  I love her work!

*Coronavirus Disease 2019:

Update in Maryland- 12/07/2020
217,329 confirmed cases 
4,865 deaths   8,797 recovered

Update in New York State - 12/07/2020
713,129 confirmed cases 
35,034 deaths    87,949 recovered

Total in United States: 14,944,968 confirmed cases, 283,650 deaths
Total Worldwide: 67,549,625 confirmed cases, 1,543,280 deaths

* All numbers are taken from Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center